Jan Marini, founder and CEO of JMSR, has devoted more than 3 decades to research and development of the cutting –edge technologies used in our products. Over the years the company has established a portfolio of proprietary formulas that reflect its ongoing commitment to be the pre-eminent developer of skin care products that produce measurable results and benefits. Due has also formed associations with some of the world’s leading physicians and research scientists. Jan Marini continues to lead JMSR, and the industry at large, to new heights.

40%/70% GLYCOLIC RESURFACING PEEL                                                                                45 min                                                                                                      £56

Suitable for: all skin types – addresses sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles, enlarged follicles, acne, course texture and hyperpigmentation.

This is an accelerated facial that incorporates two effective topical exfoliates. The combination of glycolic acid and proteolytic enzymes safely intensifies the resurfacing action and provides measurable results for virtually any skin type. This resurfacing peel is designed to be implemented in conjunction with the appropriate Jan Marini Skin Research home care program to prepare the skin for better results while preventing possible risks.


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